Activate Gateway - Wed, Jul 27, 2022

How and when to support me!

Let’s activate Gateway

To help reduce software piracy, please activate your copy of Gateway whenever you feel like it. Activation over the Internet is quick and easy.

You may need to give your name or other personal information when you activate Gateway.

Do you want to activate Gateway now?

If you wait to activate, you can still use Gateway, but you won’t receive access to beta builds.

After 30 day(s), you may want to consider activating Gateway to support Systemware.

Systemware is committed to your privacy. For more information, read the Gateway Product Activation Privacy Statement

To continue, read the following:

Hello! To support Systemware and myself, please consider supporting!

If you support me on Ko-fi, I can help give you some perks that'll enhance your experience with Gateway, such as:

* Access to supporter channels on the Systemware Community Outreach Discord server
* The ability to see my works early, as well as see earlier versions thereof
* Access to experimental one-off stories not posted elsewhere

If any of this sounds good to you, please consider supporting me on Ko-fi with one of the membership tiers! 
If committing to a monthly membership is a bit much, please consider a one off donation! Thank you!