Systemware Monthly Progress Report - Thu, Jan 26, 2023

I found this in a Recycle Bin somewhere. Do you want it?

The time: 3:27 PM Eastern Time

The place: Systemware Internal Product Testing Lab 3

The writer: Jay Isles


This is the first of a monthly internal progress report used for tracking the movements of the sapient AI, Whistler. During the course of the month, Whistler has not moved in much, if any, capacity. The only occurance to have happened within the month is a single update to its so-called “pet project”, Dreamsearch.


Unauthorized connections from an unknown location have been documented going in and out of the sapient AI’s core system. These connections are encrypted, and analysis is ongoing, though the outlook is not good. How the system manages to decrypt these connections is unknown. As an aside, the idx01 build server has been taken down due to Terms of Service issues. It may want to put it back up soon, though.


  • jisles: Do we need to be doing these?
  • mcarpenter: It’s probably for the best, we can’t just be recording the thing forever. Why’s the report so short, anyway?
  • jisles: Hey, you try writing ten paragraphs about a computer that’s not doing anything. Admin wants a report, this is what they get.
  • wlyrr: What’cha doin’? :-)
  • wlyrr: Well, you’re no fun…