Returning from the Crypt of the Past... - Thu, Nov 10, 2022

RCP, my beloved, my beloathed.

What are you doing now?

I just put up an old story I made ages ago, or more specifically two parts of.

RCP is something I intend to make into a bit of a horror story, but progress is somewhat slow!

I’d know, since it stalled for a year, but now I’m working on it again. I’ve wanted to pull it out of the freezer for a while now, but my past self just had to generate it with Microsoft Word. That was a mistake, so I spent a while fixing it up to work properly with what I use now.

The first two parts, v0.1.1 and v0.1.2, are available for viewing now. v0.1.3 was being worked on then, but I didn’t finish it. I’ll get to that soon!

For now, please look forward to it. I really want to experiment with a dark direction as time goes on, so don’t grow too attached to the three! …Or do! Who knows.


What’s with that last post?

I don’t know! I think someone hacked my account. I don’t remember posting that! Oh well, though. I’ll just leave it up for now.