A Minor Update - Mon, Dec 19, 2022

Not out of the dark just yet!

Small things to big things, eh?


I just now cleaned house with my websites. Specifically, their about pages should be nice and neat now (both here, on my Catalog page, and on the spicy variant).

I’ve fully come to terms with the fact that I need not drop my projects, even if it takes me forever to finish them. That’s honestly been the hard part, just sticking with something! It’s also why RCP was dropped for so long…

Do want to commit to that more though, so for the life of me, I wont take this website down if it kills me! That and the Catalog page, I’d like to be able to look on my past work in the future. …When I actually get around to doing it, that is. Slow and steady wins the race, right…?

Yes, RCP v0.1.3 is taking a while, but that’s mostly my fault given I never really planned the story ahead a year ago. I only had a general idea of where I wanted to go with it, and I just threw myself at the wall to start writing it. Planning and worldbuilding really does take time…

But I’m still doing it! If it takes me forever I’ll put it out, I swear! I’ll probably try and have v0.1.3 out for beta supporters sometime soon (if there are any), if I don’t get holed up in DnD worldbuilding first. That’s the breaks, isn’t it…?

As for Dreamsearch, I’m still working on that too! Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get Twine to cooperate with me, and get a proper workflow (haha I said it!!) going to make things easier on short attention span brain. I have ideas for it though! Do also keep suggesting actions on the Discord server as well (unless you hate Discord, in which case, me too!), I’ll read all of them!

Outside of all of that, the only other change I’ve made is that I have an account on the Fediverse now. Muskrat needs to stop tanking the bird platform, I swear. But you can find me there now, too.

Nice chatting with you, by the way!

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