Dreamsearch Announcement - Thu, Jul 28, 2022

An announcement post for my upcoming project, Dreamsearch. It's a disaster, that's the point.


If you are receiving this message, please do not panic. You are asleep, and everything is working normally. This pre-written message will help you get situated with the Dreamsearch project.

You may be wondering why you cannot see. This is normal. Due to the limitations of $CURRENT_TECHNOLOGY, visuals and auditory information cannot be generated. To counteract this, Systemware(R) has created the Systemware Intelligent System Software, or SWISS, to assist you. It will automatically generate descriptions of where you are in your dreamscape.

Once you have received this message, we will need you to send some mental feedback in return, such that we know you are alive and ready. When we receive your feedback, we will drop you into your own dreamscape, along with a world to test some things out. As per contractual obligation, you are not permitted to wake until the Dreamsearch designated period ends.

Before continuing, please verify that your instance ID is 13498.